Kristopher Hough
Systems Engineer - Developer - Management Consultant



I am a engineer by schooling with experience in systems engineer, developing databases, and working as a management consultant for several government agencies. I have experience both working as an engineer and providing project management support to engineering projects.

I live by the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one" by that I mean I have a very broad knowledge base and understand every aspect of a system. I do not lock myself into one aspect of a system, but develop an understanding of the full system to succeed at any task.


I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Aerospace engineering and a minor in mathematics in 2016. During my time at Tech I was a member or the Marching Virginians, I worked 30 hours a week, and was on two design teams. I had a lot of amazing experiences at Tech, obviously none of which involved relaxing or having free time.


Rock Climbing

I have been indoor rock climbing since 2016 at SportRock.


I have been play brass insturments for ever 10 years in various ensembles, jazz bands, and marching bands.


I am a distance runner.


I am a homebrewing fanatic. Brewing good beer is a science, an engineering problem to be tackled.

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